Our Ensembles

Beethoven Ensemble

Beethoven, one of the most recognizable names in all of classical music, struggled with hearing loss at an early age, however, still managed to compose and perform such beautiful and powerful music. At JQOP, we believe that every child has the opportunity to make incredible music if given the proper support and attention. Our Beethoven Ensemble provides instrumental and general music lessons to special education classes at Josiah Quincy Elementary School. Each class receives two 30-minute blocks of music instruction that includes a focus on general music, rhythm, singing, creativity, music technology, and expression, with a curriculum modeled after other successful El Sistema programs for students with special needs. Students in the Beethoven Ensemble participate free-of-charge, and have the opportunity to perform alongside the morning orchestra and choir ensembles throughout the year.

Mozart Orchestra

Mozart Orchestra is a pre-orchestra class for kindergarten and first grade students. Three days per week, students participate in general music and pre-orchestra training. Two days per week, students participate in Community Building Enrichment, enhanced by the Dalcroze method of music education. These classes consist of group activities that help foster teamwork, listening, self-regulation, and responsibility as well as reinforcing their musical skills. There are three parts of the Mozart year: Musicianship, Paper Orchestra, and Instruments. Students will “graduate” from each part by showing mastery of both musical and social skills.

Rimsky Orchestra

Rimsky Orchestra students begin their year by building upon the skills acquired in Mozart Orchestra (proper instrument care and safety, ear training, singing), and eventually add new ones (creating and maintaining a healthy playing position, playing their instruments with and without their bows, learning left-hand finger placement, musical notation). We focus on body awareness and mindfulness to center students and to emphasize that listening to your colleagues in an orchestra always begins with listening to yourself! Rimsky Orchestra rehearsals also foster students’ social-emotional intelligence—whether through a fun “kindness challenge,” using teamwork, or demonstrating the school’s FIRE values. Students will spend 1-2 days in sectionals and 2-4 days in full orchestra per week. Our mascot is Rimsky Raccoon.

Sibelius Orchestra

Jean Sibelius, Finnish composer, was greatly influenced by his country and community. At JQOP we believe in making strong community bonds through music. The main focus for Sibelius Orchestra is refining ensemble skills and working together as a cohesive group. Building on the skills of playing in unison and in round from Rimsky orchestra, each instrument section of the Sibelius orchestra will have an independent part creating more complex music. Students learn the importance of participating in a strong, confident section while being sensitive to the melodies and harmonies of the other sections. In Sibelius Orchestra, new technical skills such as dynamics, slurs, scales, and complex rhythms are also explored.