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Home Practice Tips

Practicing your instrument at home is a great way to continue to challenge yourself, explore your instrument, and prepare for your next rehearsal or performance. Below is a collection of informative videos, articles, and inspiring musical recordings to give you the confidence you need to master your home practice sessions. 

Tips for Successful Home Practice

Video - Effective Practice with Musical Instruments

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Tuning your Instrument

Tuning the pegs on all string instruments

Violin Tuning

Viola Tuning

Cello Tuning

Bass Tuning

How to Rosin a Bow

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Tuners and Drone Apps

Tuners can be used to help ‘tune’ an instrument and produces a sustained sound to use as a tool for playing better ‘in tune’ during home practice.

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Music Apps

Below is a list of fun music apps to keep your home practice fun and entertaining while you play your instrument.

Serious Music to Watch

Listening to great music is just as important as playing it. Enjoy these iconic string pieces played by the world's top performers!

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