What is El Sistema?

El Sistema was founded in Venezuela by Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu in 1975, an economist who had a vision to transform the lives of underserved children through ensemble-based music education. El Sistema is a tested model of how a music program can both create exceptional musicians and dramatically change the life trajectory of millions of children. After years of amazing social and musical successes in Venezuela, El Sistema has inspired similar initiatives in the United States, Scotland, South Africa, and Japan.

El Sistema

The Four Core Values of El Sistema:

1) Every human being has the right to a life of dignity and contribution
2) Every child can learn to express music and art deeply and receive its many benefits
3) Overcoming adversity is best done by first creating “an affluence of the spirit”
4) Effective education is based on love, approval, and community experience

El Sistema Principles (by Eric Booth)

1) Mission of Social Change
2) Access and Excellence
3) A Positive Nucleo (Program) Environment
4) Intensity
5) The Use of Ensemble
6) The CATS Teacher Model (Citizen, Artist, Teacher, Scholar)
7) The Multi-Year Continuum
8) Family and Community Inclusion
9) Connections and Network
10) Ambition and Achievement

To learn more, please visit http://ericbooth.net/the-fundamentals-of-el-sistema